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Operational Excellence: How Keolis Pivots to Meet Community Needs

For some, riding the bus, hopping on the train, or using paratransit is an everyday experience, and...

Event Recap: Fostering Transit Workforce Development


The need to increase hiring and retention has become a...

Operator Training for All Weather Conditions

Reno, Nevada is a city that’s used to snow in the winter. On average the northern Nevada area gets...

Pulse 9th Edition Now Available

Pulse is Keolis' quarterly magazine that shares ideas shaping the future of transit and mobility.

5 Transit Trends of 2022 – and What’s Ahead in 2023

Transit continued its ridership growth in 2022. Read on to look back on some of the past year’s...

Tackling the transit labor shortage

This article was originally featured in the May 16 issue of Passenger Transport, published by the...