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Operator Training for All Weather Conditions

Reno, Nevada is a city that’s used to snow in the winter. On average the northern Nevada area gets a few snowstorms a year (quite the contrast from Las Vegas), but the polar vortex beginning in 2022 and extending into the new year has given citizens more snow and precipitation than they’ve experienced in some time.

Pulse 9th Edition Now Available

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5 Transit Trends of 2022 – and What’s Ahead in 2023

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Infrastructure - What’s the big deal?

This article originally appeared in Keolis' Pulse Magazine.

With billions of dollars in guaranteed...

Event Recap: Keolis and Transit App at APTA


Last month, Keolis and Transit App hosted an event during APTA’s TRANSform conference in Seattle....

Are Transit Agencies Ready to Adapt to Hybrid Workers’ Commuting Demands?

As more companies embrace a hybrid work model, one thing is clear to transit agency leaders in...

The Missing Ingredient in U.S. Transportation Safety Efforts Is Public Transit

This article was originally featured in the October 10 issue of APTA's Passenger Transport Magazine

Reno Contract Extension. An interview with General Manager Philip Pumphrey

Read this post in Spanish or French.On Friday, August 19, the RTC Washoe Board voted to exercise...

How Federal Infrastructure Funds Can Build More Accessible Transit

This article was originally featured in Route Fifty.

COMMENTARY | By taking significant steps...

Making Transit America’s First Choice

This article was original published on November 10, 2021 in Metro Magazine.